Why do we need Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Our lives are growing more and more dependent on the digital sphere in a linked society. The Internet is essential for everything from interpersonal communication to business operations and vital assets. Cyber dangers and vulnerabilities are a darker side of this digital progress, however. Cybersecurity Awareness Month can help with this.    In this blog, […]

PGP Encryption

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) serves as an encryption framework utilized for securing both encrypted emails and sensitive file encryption. The universality of PGP can be attributed to two key factors. Firstly, the system initially emerged as freeware, quickly spreading among users who sought enhanced security for their email correspondences. Secondly, PGP’s strength lies in its […]

Red Teaming vs Pentesting

Pentesting, a condensed term for penetration testing,  has been a cornerstone of cybersecurity for decades. This practice involves the emulation of cyberattacks on an organization’s systems, meticulously designed to uncover vulnerabilities and weak points. Pentesters, operating within controlled environments, strive to breach the fortified defenses of a system, mimicking the strategies and tactics that potential […]

The Psychology of Red Teaming: Thinking Like an Attacker

The concept of Red Teaming pertains to a strategic excerise where a team of experts assumes the role of an attackers to assess and test an organization’s defenses, strategies, and plans.Imagine being a detective inside people’s minds. To do this, you need to be really good at coming up with smart solutions and thinking outside […]

Continuous Red Teaming: Improving Cyber Resilience.

As always said Cyber security is not a one time thing but a continuous process, with everyday enhancements. The traditional approach of annual or periodic penetration testing is no longer sufficient to defend against the relentless onslaught of cyber threats. Instead, many forward-thinking organizations are turning to Continuous Red Teaming to bolster their cyber resilience. […]

Human Expertise in The World of Automated Security Tools

In the fast-changing world of cybersecurity, where threats keep getting more complex, the great value of human expertise becomes really clear. While automated security tools are handy and save time, they can’t match the deep understanding, smart thinking, and ability to adjust that only humans can offer.   The Constraints of Automated Security Tools   […]

API Penetration Testing for Mobile Applications: Strategies for Securing APIs in Mobile Apps

As BreachLock’s Founder & CEO, Seemant Sehgal, comments, with the rise in security breaches involving insecure APIs, it’s our responsibility to enable clients to prevent similar incidents. In the world of mobile application security, protecting APIs is like guarding the fortress’s gate. APIs, which act as a communication link between mobile apps and back-end servers, […]

Top 5 Vulnerability Scanning Tools

In today’s ever-changing cybersecurity world, businesses must constantly fight to defend their digital assets from harmful assaults. Vulnerability scanning technologies are critical in this task, allowing for the proactive detection of security flaws and potential entry points for attackers. As we strive to maintain up-to-date security practices, it is crucial to stay informed about the […]

Default Credential Security Vulnerability: A Technical Analysis

As organizations continue to rely on technology & tools to power their operations and store sensitive information, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern. One of the most prevalent vulnerabilities in today’s digital landscape is the use of default credentials. This technical analysis aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the issue, as well as strategies […]

Power of Manual Penetration Testing to Safeguard Your Application & API

A research project conducted by the SANS Institute in 2016 found that manual testing was more effective at identifying complex or nuanced vulnerabilities in systems and networks. The study evaluated the effectiveness of different testing methodologies using a set of realistic scenarios and found that manual testing was more effective at identifying vulnerabilities that were […]

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