Five security measures to protect your company from getting HACKED

Every company should adopt at least below listed five security practices to protect itself from getting hacked.

Khushi Shah

September 19, 2022

In the modern scenario, people are coming up with new business ideas every day. Businesses attempt to solve some crucial social problems in the most user-friendly manner. However, hackers seek these attempts as an opportunity to exploit the vulnerabilities.


On one hand, recent research by the National Cyber Security Alliance showed that 70 percent of cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses. While on the other hand, recently Uber Technologies, an American mobility as service provider, was the victim of a social engineering attack in which a 18-year-old hacker get access to the Uber VPN and scanned their intranet.


This is clear evidence that no company is safe from being a victim of a cyber attack. From tech giants to small startups, every business needs to up their security guards as this is a race of actions between hackers and security teams. Cyber security is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity. Every business must take professional security expertise and incorporate cyber security into their daily operations.



Following are the Five(5) measures to protect your company from getting hacked:


1. Offensive Security of Apps & API

Offensive security provides a proactive approach towards securing applications, backend API services and networks. The companies must do regular security testing by experienced security researchers to discover critical business-impacting security vulnerabilities.


AppSecure Security comprises top-ranked hackers from Facebook, Uber, Twitter, PayPal, Reddit who attack your application from an attacker’s perspective rather than just from a compliance perspective. AppSecure has worked with 200+ companies to secure more than 4000 web and mobile applications by successfully finding and mitigating more than 50,000 vulnerabilities.


2. Reduce the attack surface

Attack Surface is an aggregate of all known, unknown, and potential vulnerabilities and controls across all software, hardware, and network components. Increased complexity and unregulated endpoints are some of the reasons that lead to large attack surfaces. It can be reduced by keeping all the internal and admin panels behind the private network. Zero Trust Policy, where no user should have access to resources until they have proven their identity and the security of their device should be implemented. Strong authentication policies and network segmentation are also important measures for reducing the attack surface.


3. Create a security-focused work culture

Cyber security always starts at a personal level when you start taking every action with the security aspects in mind. Employees are often the most common reason behind data breaches because they can’t identify an external threat. Cyber security training workshops must be conducted for the employees. The Secure Development Life Cycle forms the basis of security culture. It strengthens security and compliance at every step of development for maximum security. The best security practices and available security frames must be followed and implemented during the development cycle.


4. Protect your cloud

Cloud Security has become an integral part of every business today and for the right reasons. Cloud service provides a native accelerator that enables security capabilities to be deployed at a much faster pace. The best thing is that cloud security is flexible as it can be easily embedded into existing systems and processes. However, companies must regularly monitor the cloud infrastructure for security bugs as they arise due to regular changes or deployment.


5. Information Technology Security

Information Technology Security: Companies must implement a strong information security policy from day one. The employees must be trained about different types of common cyber attacks that can be avoided with common knowledge. Phishing or Social Engineering attacks are one of the most common cyber attacks that become successful because of unawareness. Companies must take security measures like enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and enabling strong password policies on employee email accounts. Regular cyber security audits must be conducted to keep check on vulnerabilities in the system.


About AppSecure Security:

AppSecure Security is a specialized cybersecurity company that provides end-to-end security solutions to keep consumers’ businesses safe and secure. AppSecure Security uses real-world hacking techniques to understand customers’ security posture, find security vulnerabilities, and assist their teams in fixing them. The company’s top hackers are from PayPal, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc., and have participated in bounty programs of more than 400+ companies. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to protect your company, today.

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