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Lock out hackers by proactively identifying and fixing acute vulnerabilities across your web services and APIs with AppSecure’s offensive testing stance. Secure airtight data flow across all API endpoints by continuously implementing benchmark coding standards and integrating recommended remediation solutions.

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API Security service hero section

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Web Services & API Security Assessment: An Outline

Is your data being funneled securely?

Through our comprehensive, offensive penetration testing, our team of top bug bounty hunters from leading companies including Paypal, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more reveals the exploitable security blind spots in your web services and API’s security posture. Our contextualized actionable insights are aimed at plugging all security flaws uncovered in line with the OWASP framework and customized real-world attack-based test cases that render sensitive data public.

Our Methodology

Discover how we detect vulnerabilities in your web services and APIs

Explore our balanced approach to vulnerability assessment and pentesting, which involves a thorough assessment of the entirety of your API attack surface and the implementation of industry-standard coding practices for continued resilience.

Creation of Test Cases

We start our API assessment by gaining a deep understanding of your system’s architecture and API endpoints and building unique test cases, in addition to scanning for OWASP 10 vulnerabilities that may expose sensitive data to malicious actors.

Offensive Testing

We then simulate real-world attacks to get a hacker’s viewpoint on identifying and exploiting security gaps in your APIs, including parameter tampering, security misconfigurations, business logic flaws, and authentication and access control issues.

Rigorous Reporting

After illuminating critical security flaws, we document them extensively and recommend mitigation strategies that can be operationalized for maximal data security and a resilient SDLC.

Implementation of Coding Standards

We go beyond assessment by working closely with your Engineering team to implement industry-recommended coding standards that have stood the test of time and will prevent any resurfacing of the previously-identified security flaws.

Recon Information

We begin our offensive web app penetration testing with a reconnaissance of your assets and the gathering of exploitable, public information for breaking into user systems.

Test Case Creation

After identifying the possible threats and business logic flaws in your web app’s security architecture through risk modeling, we build tailored test cases that also account for OWASP 10 vulnerabilities and CVE exploits.

Offensive Security

We conduct extensive offensive web app penetration testing integrating OWASP Top 10 methodology that mimics attackers’ tactics and tools to validate and exploit weaponizable vulnerabilities.

Detailed & Accurate Reporting

We share a thorough, accurate, and precise review of credulous threats with zero false positives and earmark remedial measures to enhance your website or web applications’ security posture.

Revalidate Remediation

We go beyond the implementation of corrective security solutions by assisting your Engineering team in verifying the workings of the implemented security fixes.

Why trust AppSecure for your web services and APIs’ security?

In-depth reporting

Access precise and comprehensive reporting of exploitable security threats and vulnerabilities to keep attack vectors out.

Unique assessment

Preemptively uncover hidden security vulnerabilities in line with OWASP Top 10 through our own unique, bespoke test cases.

Simulate real-world attack scenarios

Emulate a hacker’s perspective to uncover potential security flaws with the highest exploitation risk and plugging them on priority.

Trusted security vendor

Collaborate with the best bug hunters from Fortune 500 companies to implement remediation measures and industry-standard coding practices.

24 x 7 support

Experience continuous support from expert security professionals for validating your web services and API security.

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