Importance of Offensive Security for a Startup

Offensive Security is the key to protect your companies internet assets from getting hacked.

Khushi Shah

September 18, 2022

Offensive Security is a proactive approach towards securing network and web / mobile applications from cyber security attacks. In this, the security team does not wait for incidents to happen but attempts to find a vulnerability in the existing system by performing an in-depth security analysis of the applications. Organizations can improve their security through the understanding and application of adversarial tactics.


Offensive Security is all about the validation of security controls or postures through negative testing. Validation (not to be confused with verification) means testing a system to see if it meets the intent of what the requirements were trying to achieve. An offensive approach toward penetration testing provides all-around safety and is the most successful way to protect the application from getting hacked.


 Why is Offensive Security important for Startups?


  • Need for awareness of flaws in the existing system: An organization needs to find out the vulnerabilities before the hackers discover and exploit them. Offensive Security uses methods like in-depth analyses to assess security of the application and ensure that no loophole is left in the system.


  • Lack of professional security team: Startups mostly have a small team and not any specific department dedicated solely to security as big companies do. In such cases, it becomes even more necessary for the Startups to engage with Offensive Security companies so that security measures can be kept under check.


  • Hackers’ increasing interest in Startups: Latest research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance shows that more than 50% of Startups have experienced a cyberattack and 60% of Startups come to an end within 6 months of a cyberattack. Lack of attention towards security lures hackers towards Startups.


  • The massive cost of data breaches: Microsoft reports that cyber-crimes could cost businesses in the Asia Pacific $1.75 trillion, which have resulted in job losses in 67% of firms. These attacks lead to exposure of sensitive data which leaves the functioning of the company crippled. Clients’ trust is lost and market reputation is also tarnished. Time needed for recovery from such attacks is also huge.


 How can AppSecure help you?


  • Professional expertise: The AppSecure’s team comprises top-ranked hackers from Facebook, Uber, Twitter, PayPal, Reddit bug bounty program who attack your application from an attacker’s perspective rather than just from a compliance perspective.


  • Offensive Web and Mobile App Penetration Testing: AppSecure security researchers follow OWASP Testing Guide standards while performing penetration testing both for web and mobile applications. AppSecure has worked with 100+ companies to secure more than 2000 web and mobile applications by successfully finding and mitigating more than 10000 vulnerabilities.


  • Detailed report and responsive support: AppSecure provides precise and descriptive pen-testing reports to the company including accurate suggestions for remediation. The team also collaborates with the development team in understanding and mitigating security vulnerabilities.

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