Default Credential Security Vulnerability: A Technical Analysis

As organizations continue to rely on technology & tools to power their operations and store sensitive information, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern. One of the most prevalent vulnerabilities in today’s digital landscape is the use of default credentials. This technical analysis aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the issue, as well as strategies […]

Five security measures to protect your company from getting HACKED

In the modern scenario, people are coming up with new business ideas every day. Businesses attempt to solve some crucial social problems in the most user-friendly manner. However, hackers seek these attempts as an opportunity to exploit the vulnerabilities.   On one hand, recent research by the National Cyber Security Alliance showed that 70 percent […]

Importance of Offensive Security for a Startup

Offensive Security is a proactive approach towards securing network and web / mobile applications from cyber security attacks. In this, the security team does not wait for incidents to happen but attempts to find a vulnerability in the existing system by performing an in-depth security analysis of the applications. Organizations can improve their security through […]

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